Autumn is here

October 3rd, 2013

Hello again from us all in Early Years! This week we have continued our theme of learning about  Ourselves and have been using IT  to make  jigsaws of our faces. We have all had fun guessing whose face is whose!  Our songs this week have been “I am a music man” and counting songs.  We are getting really good at joining in and doing the actions!  We have met more friends from Seedlings and are really feeling more settled.

Last week we asked you to send family photos in as part of your childs’ homework.  Thank you the photos were lovely.

Thank you also to everyone who donated to the Harvest Collection and the Macmillan cake sale.

This week’s homework is collecting autumnal paraphernalia such as dried leaves and conkers for our sensory play and exploration.

Many thanks

Have a great week!


New starters are already very busy!

September 16th, 2013

Welcome to Early Years’ blog.  This new and exciting project will see staff learning new skills alongside the children.  We hope to give you an insight into our class activities, topics of learning,day trips and news. We would like you to be part of this blog by leaving us comments and feedback.

This school term is still young, but already we have been very busy. We are learning about “ourselves” so we been looking in mirrors and using our hands to paint bright paintings to display in our class. Last week we enjoyed swimming, some of us for the first time! This week we have enjoyed getting very messy, weighing and mixing to make shortbread biscuits which we decorated to look like faces.