September 22nd, 2017

What a lovely week we have had in early years. We have been busy baking lots of yummy treats! We have had lots of fun helping Jemma to make banana buns, which we loved eating and we have made cinamon leaf shape biscuits with Lindsey which smelled delicious! We are learning about celebrations and Birthdays in RE, we enjoyed decorating cakes with lots of yummy treats and have had lots of fun this week with our autumn theme activities. We have had a great time reading the story Percy the park keeper in the reading corner. We have enjoyed helping Percy keep his park tidy, exploring the leaves and playing with the wheelbarrow and brushes. We have made salt dough hedgehogs using sticks and googly eyes, done lots of leaf painting and counting conkers and leafs on the numeracy table. Have a lovely weekend everybody, see you all on Monday!

September 15th, 2017

What a busy week we have had in early years! We have enjoyed getting to know all our new friends in our class. We are still enjoying learning about weather. In our reading corner we have had lots of fun reading weather related nursery rhymes such as “incy wincy spider”, “the sun has got his hat on”, “I hear thunder” and “it’s raining its pouring”. We have been getting messy mark making in shaving foam clouds and using pipettes to squirt blue water onto cotton wool to represent the rain. We have been busy designing our own kites on the creative table, using different material, craft straws and lots of glitter!! We have been busy gardening, planting flowers into our mud playdough in plant pots, this was a popular choice to play with. We have also used our imagination when playing with the Barbies in our beach scene small world; we especially liked the pebble texture mat and the coloured sand. We have been outside lots this week enjoying the water play with the spiders and making them climb up the water pipes/tunnels like incy wincy in the nursery rhyme.

Have a fantastic weekend everybody and we will see you on Monday ready for a week of fun autumn themed activities!!

Welcome Back!

September 8th, 2017

Welcome back to school everyone! It is lovely to see your happy smiley faces again. We have had a great first week settling back into our daily routines and exploring our exciting classroom areas. This term our theme is weather and seasons. This week we have been busy exploring jungle animal small world and playdough adding broccoli to the playdough for trees. In the reading corner we have read the story ‘Pig in the Pond’ and have enjoyed exploring the related props, especially the water spray and bowl of water with the pigs in to make a “splash!”. On the numeracy table we have enjoyed counting and singing, “5 little ducks” and using the duck puppets to help us count. We have been creative and enjoyed mark making with wet mud, sticks and wellies and decorating leaves with a range of textured materials. On our writing table we have been finding our friends faces in porridge oats using paint brushes to uncover them. We have enjoyed getting lots of fresh air outside whilst the weather has still been pleasant. We have had lots of fun playing with the water beads in the water play and pouring them into a range of containers. We have also enjoyed playing with the balls, parachute games and hide and seek. Thank you for a lovely first week back everybody, have a brilliant weekend and we’ll see you all again on Monday!

Summer Holidays are Here

July 21st, 2017

What a fabulous last week at school we have had! This week our theme has been ‘our favourite things’. In literacy we have been reading the story ‘commotion in the ocean’ identifying all the different sea creatures. On Monday we explored a range of tuff trays filled with different textures for paddling related to scenes in the story! We played in the penguins snow, splashed in the hot and cold water, explored jelly and seaweed and played in the sand. On Wednesday we had a lovely day baking, we made chocolate cakes and then decorated them on Thursday with some delicious treats. We had a lovely pamper session on Thursday, we had our nails painted, hair brushed, massages and relaxed in the foot spas.

We hope you have a lovely summer holiday everybody, what a great year we have had in early years!! Good luck to all the little ones moving to Class 1! We know you will be amazing 🙂 x x x

July 14th, 2017

What a lovely week we have had in early years! We loved showing everybody our sporty skills in sports day on Tuesday! We had lots of fun joining in the different activities! We also have had a great day out on our class trip to the sea life centre. We had a great time seeing all of the different types of sea creatures we have been learning about! Our favourite was the sharks! Thank you to those that came along and helped out. See you all again on Monday ready for our last week of school!  Have a great weekend everybody!

Graduation Party

July 10th, 2017

Thank you so much for your support for our wonderful Graduation Party. It was such a lovely morning and an important chance to celebrate our special little people in Early Years before they move on to their new classes and new schools. We are so proud of everything all the children have achieved in the past year and we know they all have bright futures ahead of them!

June 30th, 2017

What a busy week we have had! This week our theme has been Pirates! We have been very busy making tactile treasure chests, moulding gold coins and treasure out of playdough and looking for numbers and treasure buried in the sand. We have enjoyed mark making and making treasure maps using teabags and dressing up in pirate costumes and exploring the pirates caves! We have used our imagination when playing with the pirate ship and pirates in the pirate small world. We had a healthy eating day on Tuesday where we learnt all about healthy foods. We had a healthy breakfast of fruit salad provided by crossroads. We also got to meet a Morrison’s shop assistant in the hall and taste lots of different foods. On Thursday it was fire safety day. We got to meet a fire fighter who told us how to be safe if there was ever a fire. She spoke to us all about things that are safe to play with such as our toys and objects that are not such as matches. We had a lovely session in the sensory room where we dressed up as fire fighters, played with the fire station small world, fire engines and police cars. Next week our theme will be ‘going on holiday’ have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday!


June 23rd, 2017

What a fantastic time we have had during MADD week (music, art, dance and drama). We have taken part in some brilliant activities that have tied into the theme ‘urban’. We have been busy doing lots of different arts and crafts activities and exploring a range of different medias. On Monday we designed our own vests for the rave on Friday using fabric paint and pens. On Tuesday we had a lovely music session with John Morrow in the hall, which the children very much enjoyed and we had a lovely sensory session in the sensory room. We explored a range of props related to the theme urban/UV. There was a lot of objects to smell, touch, listen to and look at. We especially liked the UV glow in the dark slime! On Wednesday we had a fun packed day! We did large scale mark making with our hands and feet and got nice and messy! In the afternoon we went to the hall to listen to a DJ who also did lots of magic tricks with us. We also had a lovely street dancing session with MiMi and having a boogie to some urban music. On Thursday we had a fantastic drama session with Alex the teacher from senior 2! We went on a journey to a busy city, endured some stormy weather and saw lots of different things along the way! It was very exciting. On Thursday afternoon we had a PMLD sensory beatbox session in the sensory room, our children really enjoyed this session and were so engaged. To finish such a wonderful busy week we had a whole school rave in the hall! Hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday ready to start our theme of ‘pirates’.

June 9th, 2017

We have had a lovely first week back in early years. Our theme is ‘under the sea’ and our sensory story for this term is ‘Commotion in the Ocean.’ We have had lots of fun with the malleable sand and shells, moulding the sand and imprinting the shells to make patterns. We have enjoyed playing in the under the sea role play area by walking through the big sharks mouth and exploring all the different under the sea creatures and textures such as smooth pebbles and rough sand. In our writing corner we have enjoyed writing our names on the ‘Finding Nemo’ templates and colouring the fish. On the numeracy table we have enjoyed playing with the magnetic fishing game and matching the numbers on the fish to the number tracks. In numeracy circle time we have been singing 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive and using the fishing net to catch and count the fish out of the bowl of water. On the creative table we have been making different under the sea creatures such as fish and jelly fish using a variety of different materials. We have enjoyed painting bubble wrap and using it to print onto our fish and also make fish out of the bubble wrap. Outside we have had lots of fun in the water play and exploring the sand. On Tuesday we have athletics day with Paula which was lots of fun and our class won some chocolate biscuits for being the best dressed class in our team colours.

May 26th, 2017

We have had a lovely time with our pizza theme for the last week of our food topic. We have had lots of fun making our own yummy pizzas and eating them for snack time. We were very good at spreading the tomato puree on our pizza bases! We chose what we wanted as the toppings out of a choice of ham, tomato, cheese, mushrooms, peperoni and sweetcorn. We have especially liked playing with the pizza dough and getting our hands all sticky. We have enjoyed writing on our pizza specials board and ordering pizzas for delivery on the telephones. We have had lots of fun in our pizzeria role play areas and dressing up as chefs. We have also had lots of fun in the sandpit outside looking for pizza toppings and playing in the water play washing the pots.

On Tuesday afternoon a group of us went to Morrison’s cafe for a community visit. We each chose a drink and a snack and we sat nicely at the table to eat it. The weather was sunny so we visited the park afterwards which was lots of fun!

Have a brilliant week off everybody! See you all again on the 5th of June.