November 17th, 2017

We have had lots of fun this week with our dinosaur theme! We have been playing with the dinosaurs in the dinosaur swamp, stomping in paint and making dinosaur footprints outside and digging for bones in the sand. We have been enjoying mark making with the dinosaurs in the writing area, matching colours and shapes to patterned dinosaurs in the numeracy corner and exploring wet and dry messy play in the dinosaur small world. We have been getting very creative and making skeleton dinosaur pictures and making dinosaurs out of penne pasta and salt dough. In RE we have been talking about Christmas as a celebration and have enjoyed the sensory story called ‘Dino’s first Christmas.’ On Tuesday we did some baking and made some yummy mince pies!

On Monday we were lucky enough to have a visit from Pudsey Bear from Children in Need. Thankyou everyone today for their donations. The children looked wonderful in their spotty outfits.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, see you on Monday.

Happy Half Term

October 27th, 2017

What a fantastic week we have had in early years! We have enjoyed doing lots of dressing up, reading spooky stories, mark making with magic wands and glow sticks, making our own witches hats and moulding googly eyed scary monsters out of playdough. We have been matching different shapes to objects such as triangles for witches hats and circles to pumpkins. We have been learning all about celebrations in RE and on Tuesday we had a birthday party, we had lots of yummy treats to try and played pass the parcel which was lots of fun! We have been on a skeleton bone scavenger hunt around our playground, looking very hard to see where the bones had been hidden! We enjoyed following our maps of the playground and working together.

We are so proud of all the children’s achievements this half term. It has been lovely to see them settle into Pear Tree life so well!

Have a great half term everyone see you all on 4 Tuesday 7th November!

October 20th, 2017

We have had a spooky week in early years, lots of dressing up as witches and wizards, counting out creepy crawlies from gooey jelly using tweezers, mixing magic witches potions and creating our own spooky stories in the reading corner. We have been threading wool through paper plates to make spiders webs, making spooky silhouette pictures on the creative table and making lots of different Halloween shapes out of pumpkin seed playdough.

On Thursday our focused activity involved us taking turns to press a switch to activate the hairdryer. The hairdryer melted wax crayons onto a pumpkin. We were fascinated as we watched the colours melt and blend together, dripping down from the pumpkin!

Have a great weekend everyone, see you all on Monday.

October 13th, 2017

What a colourful week we have had in early years! Our theme has been rainbows and we have enjoyed moulding unicorns out of magical multi-coloured sand and playdough. We have been busy at the creative table making unicorns out of paper plates and decorating our own unicorn masks. We have had lots of fun using syringes to make our own rainbow pictures using edible coloured paint made from natural yoghurt. We have had a very colourful reading area with the lovely story, Rainbow fish. The children have enjoyed exploring the props and identifying the different colours. We have also had lots of fun using the switch activated animals, we enjoyed listening to them singing and making different animal sounds. In phonics we have been practicing our listening and attention skills by identifying animal and everyday object sounds, which we are getting very good at! In RE we are learning about celebrations, on Tuesday we talked about Harvest and explored the story the little red hen. We did some tasting of different vegetables, sweetcorn, peas, carrots and potatoes. On Thursday we loved watching our faces being painted as sunshines, rainbows and clouds. Some children also enjoyed painting Lindsey’s face for her!

We have also been learning to ‘Speak Out and Stay Safe’ with some help from the NSPCC. We have learned about how to keep ourselves safe and the importance of speaking out if we need to talk to someone we trust. More information to follow on Healthy Schools blog.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! See you all on Monday!

October 6th, 2017

Our weather topic took a frosty turn this week as we have explored activities linked to snow and winter. We have made playdough snowmen, decorated snow flakes, counted penguins and practiced our mark making in flour. We loved playing with the arctic small world on the light box and balancing sugar cubes to build igloos and snowy structures.

Next week is our ‘Speak Out, Stay Safe’ week across school. We are teaming up with the NSPCC to learn about keeping ourselves safe and speaking out to a trusted adult when we need to.

There are still places left for parents to attend our workshop on Friday afternoon, starting at 1pm. Please come along if you can make it. It will be really useful to all families.

October 4th, 2017

This week we have been busy with autumn activities. In our sensory story we have been reading the story ‘Peppa Pig Plays in the Rain.’ We especially enjoy going underneath the umbrella and listening to the water spray being sprayed on the top. We have been looking at what it means for containers to be ‘full’ and ‘empty’ in numeracy circle time, we enjoy exploring the water and mud and enjoy emptying and filling up the containers. We have been busy mark making by conker rolling in our writing area, we have made some lovely autumnal pictures. We have enjoyed playing with different woodland animals in the small world and we have been using our imagination to make lots of yummy treats for a picnic in our role play woods whilst sitting around the camp fire with the woodland animals. We have been busy making cinnamon scented playdough leaves and designing lentil and collage autumn pictures on our creative table. Next week our theme will be winter and snow! See you all on Monday have a great weekend everyone.

September 22nd, 2017

What a lovely week we have had in early years. We have been busy baking lots of yummy treats! We have had lots of fun helping Jemma to make banana buns, which we loved eating and we have made cinamon leaf shape biscuits with Lindsey which smelled delicious! We are learning about celebrations and Birthdays in RE, we enjoyed decorating cakes with lots of yummy treats and have had lots of fun this week with our autumn theme activities. We have had a great time reading the story Percy the park keeper in the reading corner. We have enjoyed helping Percy keep his park tidy, exploring the leaves and playing with the wheelbarrow and brushes. We have made salt dough hedgehogs using sticks and googly eyes, done lots of leaf painting and counting conkers and leafs on the numeracy table. Have a lovely weekend everybody, see you all on Monday!

September 15th, 2017

What a busy week we have had in early years! We have enjoyed getting to know all our new friends in our class. We are still enjoying learning about weather. In our reading corner we have had lots of fun reading weather related nursery rhymes such as “incy wincy spider”, “the sun has got his hat on”, “I hear thunder” and “it’s raining its pouring”. We have been getting messy mark making in shaving foam clouds and using pipettes to squirt blue water onto cotton wool to represent the rain. We have been busy designing our own kites on the creative table, using different material, craft straws and lots of glitter!! We have been busy gardening, planting flowers into our mud playdough in plant pots, this was a popular choice to play with. We have also used our imagination when playing with the Barbies in our beach scene small world; we especially liked the pebble texture mat and the coloured sand. We have been outside lots this week enjoying the water play with the spiders and making them climb up the water pipes/tunnels like incy wincy in the nursery rhyme.

Have a fantastic weekend everybody and we will see you on Monday ready for a week of fun autumn themed activities!!

Welcome Back!

September 8th, 2017

Welcome back to school everyone! It is lovely to see your happy smiley faces again. We have had a great first week settling back into our daily routines and exploring our exciting classroom areas. This term our theme is weather and seasons. This week we have been busy exploring jungle animal small world and playdough adding broccoli to the playdough for trees. In the reading corner we have read the story ‘Pig in the Pond’ and have enjoyed exploring the related props, especially the water spray and bowl of water with the pigs in to make a “splash!”. On the numeracy table we have enjoyed counting and singing, “5 little ducks” and using the duck puppets to help us count. We have been creative and enjoyed mark making with wet mud, sticks and wellies and decorating leaves with a range of textured materials. On our writing table we have been finding our friends faces in porridge oats using paint brushes to uncover them. We have enjoyed getting lots of fresh air outside whilst the weather has still been pleasant. We have had lots of fun playing with the water beads in the water play and pouring them into a range of containers. We have also enjoyed playing with the balls, parachute games and hide and seek. Thank you for a lovely first week back everybody, have a brilliant weekend and we’ll see you all again on Monday!

Summer Holidays are Here

July 21st, 2017

What a fabulous last week at school we have had! This week our theme has been ‘our favourite things’. In literacy we have been reading the story ‘commotion in the ocean’ identifying all the different sea creatures. On Monday we explored a range of tuff trays filled with different textures for paddling related to scenes in the story! We played in the penguins snow, splashed in the hot and cold water, explored jelly and seaweed and played in the sand. On Wednesday we had a lovely day baking, we made chocolate cakes and then decorated them on Thursday with some delicious treats. We had a lovely pamper session on Thursday, we had our nails painted, hair brushed, massages and relaxed in the foot spas.

We hope you have a lovely summer holiday everybody, what a great year we have had in early years!! Good luck to all the little ones moving to Class 1! We know you will be amazing 🙂 x x x